An Introduction to Tread the Red and Its Creator

Tread the Red was created by Rachel Stottmann, who is an artist and civil/environmental engineer. Rachel grew up hiking and camping throughout Kentucky and has been exploring the Red River Gorge for years. The Gorge is a constant inspiration for her, not only sparking curiosity and wonder for the natural world that fuels her artistic endeavors, but also as a key proponent for her continuing education in the world of civil/environmental engineering.

Rachel’s sole purpose for creating this project is to share her experiences at Red River Gorge and highlight stories of the people who make up the amazing community. She strives to show off all of the different hikes of the Gorge and the things that make it a truly special place through photos, art, videos, and her podcast.

Rachel is super passionate about sharing her love for the Gorge. She hopes to connect others with this beautiful place and its people through her work. Tread the Red is a Red River Gorge Project to spark curiosity, imagination, and exploration.

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