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Welcome to TRAIL TALK by Tread the Red! This page serves as trail inspiration! I will work on uploading short “trail information” videos that highlight the different trails throughout the Red River Gorge. These are not meant to be used for navigation – I just want to show “highlights” of each trail and basic information so that everyone can get an idea about if a trail is something they would like to hike or not!

Below is a work-in-progress collection of “TRAIL TALK by Tread the Red” videos to get you inspired and ready to get out there and explore the Gorge!

Purchasing a trail guide book, looking up topography, and having a hard copy of a map – especially when you are trying unofficial trails – is key!

First Time at the Gorge?
Find a “hiking itinerary” for newcomers to the RRG area linked here!

Official “Marked” Trails:

Angel Windows Trail (#218)

Auxier Ridge Trail (#204)

Camera Point Trail

Chimney Top Trail (#235)

Cliff Trail (#206)

Double Arch Trail (#201)

Grays Arch Trail (#205)

Princess Arch Trail (#233)

Rock Bridge Trail (#207)

Rush Ridge Trail (#227)

Sky Bridge Trail (#214)

Silvermine Arch Trail (#225)

Tower Rock Trail (#229)

Whistling Arch Trail (#234)

Unofficial “Unmarked” Trails:

Arch of Triumph

Buzzards Roost South Trail

Castle Arch Overlook Trail

Cloud Splitter Trail

Copperas Falls Trail

Eagle Point Buttress Trail

Hanson’s Point Trail

Indian Staircase Trail

Jailhouse Rock Trail

Powdermill Branch to Blackburn Rock Overlook

Star Gap Arch Trail

Tarr Ridge “Extravaganza” Trail

Turtle Back Arch Trail

Veranda Trail

Natural Bridge State Park:

Henson’s Arch Trail

Original Trail

Muir Valley Nature Preserve:

About Muir Valley

Horseshoe Falls

Liz’s Arch

Points of Interest:


Lower & Upper Bell Falls

Sheltowee Trace Trail Suspension Bridge

Backpacking Loops:
Rough Trail/Koomer Ridge Trail/Buck Trail/Pinch-em-Tight Trail/D.Boone Hut Trail

Pippin’s Corner:
Pippin Rates Hikes

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