Pippin Rates Trails

So, anyone who follows Tread the Red on Instagram knows that I love to hike with my dog, Pippin. He is a trooper and does a GREAT job hiking, and when he is tired, we carry him in a backpack – haha! I decided to post a video we made of Pippin rating some RRG trails (spoiler alert – he LOVES creeks). If you are ever trying to plan a trip with your furry hiking buddy, feel free to use the “Contact” page on my website to ask me for trail recommendations! There are definitely some “not safe for dogs” trails throughout the Red, but there are PLENTY of good and *safe* ones to choose from. 😀

Dogs should be leashed while hiking, but we do occasionally let Pippin get short bursts of “off leash privileges” on wide sections of trail without drop-offs/during less popular hiking seasons.
We know people hike with unleashed dogs regularly, but there are too many variables for things to go wrong when doing this! No matter how “well-trained” your dog is, there is always the possibility of a mistake or accident. Be safe out there – and that includes taking care of your dogs too! 🙂

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