Castle Arch Overlook Trail

Castle Arch Overlook Trail is one of the Unofficial/Unmarked Trails of the RRG. This is a short & sweet trail that leads out to a pretty cool overlook! From the overlook, you will see Swift Camp Creek winding below and Castle Arch nestled into the neighboring ridge line. ***I accidentally titled this one “Camera PointContinue reading “Castle Arch Overlook Trail”

Pippin Rates Trails

So, anyone who follows Tread the Red on Instagram knows that I love to hike with my dog, Pippin. He is a trooper and does a GREAT job hiking, and when he is tired, we carry him in a backpack – haha! I decided to post a video we made of Pippin rating some RRGContinue reading “Pippin Rates Trails”


Gorge Geology!! The Gorge is an amazing place and there are so many cool things around every corner! We happened upon these HUGE “huecos” while out hiking along the Rough Trail one day. The path to these is unofficial/unmarked, branching off of the Rough Trail right before some scrambling up some boulders to connect upContinue reading “Huecos”

Tarr Ridge “Extravaganza” Trail

Tarr Ridge “Extravaganza” Trail – This has become one of my favorite trails in the Gorge! Especially when hiking during the Fall. First things first – this is an Unofficial/Unmarked trail, so there will not be tree blazes to mark your way. The trail itself is pretty obvious from use, but can get overgrown inContinue reading “Tarr Ridge “Extravaganza” Trail”

Star Gap Arch Trail

Hello and welcome to MY FAVORITE ARCH OF THE GORGE! I fell in love with this arch the very moment I laid eyes on it. The whole surrounding area is beautiful too! To begin this trail, you will want to park at the Auxier Ridge parking lot at the end of the vehicle-traffic portion ofContinue reading “Star Gap Arch Trail”

Indian Staircase Trail

This one requires THREE different videos, y’all. It is a doozy, but one of the most magnificent trails in the Red! This one requires EXPOSED rock scrambling. There is nothing to correct a fall on the “staircase” portion of this trail. I’m not trying to scare anyone off from hiking this, but I also wantContinue reading “Indian Staircase Trail”