Original Trail

The Original Trail is part of Natural Bridge State Resort Park and is the shortest/most direct route up to Natural Bridge. If you start behind the Natural Bridge Lodge (like we do in the #TrailTalk video below), it is 0.5 miles to reach the arch, but you can also start lower near the Natural BridgeContinue reading “Original Trail”

Eagle Point Buttress Trail

Eagle Point Buttress, or as some call it – Eagles Nest Trail – is an iconic unofficial/unmarked trail in the Red River Gorge Clifty Wilderness. The Clifty Wilderness is a 12,646 acre area with many stream valleys, a dense hemlock forest, and ridges with amazing views. Odds are if you’ve done much hiking at theContinue reading “Eagle Point Buttress Trail”

Castle Arch Overlook Trail

Castle Arch Overlook Trail is one of the Unofficial/Unmarked Trails of the RRG. This is a short & sweet trail that leads out to a pretty cool overlook! From the overlook, you will see Swift Camp Creek winding below and Castle Arch nestled into the neighboring ridge line. ***I accidentally titled this one “Camera PointContinue reading “Castle Arch Overlook Trail”

Grays Arch Trail #205

Grays Arch Trail! This is a Gorge classic – it is definitely a trail you want to check out if you haven’t yet. It would be on my list of recommended trails for first time Gorge adventurers! This sandstone arch is a BEHEMOTH. It weighs in at 50ft tall and 80ft wide. It is massiveContinue reading “Grays Arch Trail #205”

Rush Ridge Trail (#227)

Rush Ridge Trail: This is an official trail in the RRG and is used as a connector between Pinch-Em-Tight Trail and Rough Trail. To hike this trail, you can park at the Pinch-Em-Tight parking area along Tunnel Ridge Road and hike the Pinch-em-Tight trail to the first fork (about 0.3 miles), where you will takeContinue reading “Rush Ridge Trail (#227)”

Sky Bridge Trail #214

Sky Bridge Trail: This is a must-do hike – especially if you’re a new visitor to the Gorge. This is part of the official Red River Gorge trail system and features an iconic sandstone arch. This is a short loop trail – about 0.68 miles total. You can park at the Sky Bridge parking area,Continue reading “Sky Bridge Trail #214”

Jailhouse Rock Trail

Jailhouse Rock Trail: This is one of the many unofficial trails off of Tunnel Ridge Road! You will want to park at the Auxier Ridge Parking Lot at the end of the drivable part of Tunnel Ridge Road, and walk back the foot-traffic-only section of the road for about 0.71 miles to the trailhead forContinue reading “Jailhouse Rock Trail”

Henson’s Arch Trail

Henson’s Arch Trail: This one is actually part of the Natural Bridge State Park trail system. While most trails within this state park are NOT dog friendly, Henson’s Arch Trail is one of the two that are! We love a good dog friendly trail. 🙂 You aren’t going to want to miss out on thisContinue reading “Henson’s Arch Trail”

Copperas Falls Trail

Copperas Falls Trail: This was one of the very first unmarked waterfall trails I did at the Gorge! Even though this trail is unofficial/unmarked, the waterfall at the end is a very popular destination, so the trail is hiked a lot. This has unfortunately led to the creation of a lot of “zoo” trails inContinue reading “Copperas Falls Trail”