Grays Arch Trail #205

Grays Arch Trail! This is a Gorge classic – it is definitely a trail you want to check out if you haven’t yet. It would be on my list of recommended trails for first time Gorge adventurers! This sandstone arch is a BEHEMOTH. It weighs in at 50ft tall and 80ft wide. It is massive and soooo impressive to see in person! There are also lots of boulders underneath that provide a pretty awesome spot for trail lunch or snacks 😉

You can find the trailhead for this trail along Tunnel Ridge Road. This trail is an official/marked trail, but it’s a little weird because the official “Grays Arch” trail only takes you to the intersection with Rough Trail, where you will then veer right/straight and descend on Rough Trail about 270ft until you hit the bottom where there is a “side trail” (that is more like straight ahead from the last staircase) to Grays Arch. Then you will climb about 60-70ft up that trail to get to the base of Grays Arch! This is an out-and-back trail that totals about 2.25 miles round trip. Just remember that you will have to go back up the staircases you went down on the way to the arch to get back! Don’t let that deter you though – just pack enough water and snacks and no shame in taking breaks on the climb back up! Hike your own hike, ya know?

For a visual reference, you can view the Grays Arch #TrailTalk video below!

Grays Arch Trail #205

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