Castle Arch Overlook Trail

Castle Arch Overlook Trail is one of the Unofficial/Unmarked Trails of the RRG. This is a short & sweet trail that leads out to a pretty cool overlook! From the overlook, you will see Swift Camp Creek winding below and Castle Arch nestled into the neighboring ridge line. ***I accidentally titled this one “Camera PointContinue reading “Castle Arch Overlook Trail”

Princess Arch Trail #233

Princess Arch Trail (#233) is part of the Official trail system of the Red River Gorge. This trailhead is located at the end of Chimney Top Road on the opposite side of the parking lot from Chimney Top Overlook Trail (#235). It is a short & sweet trail (0.25 miles “balloon” loop) featuring Princess Arch.Continue reading “Princess Arch Trail #233”

Grays Arch Trail #205

Grays Arch Trail! This is a Gorge classic – it is definitely a trail you want to check out if you haven’t yet. It would be on my list of recommended trails for first time Gorge adventurers! This sandstone arch is a BEHEMOTH. It weighs in at 50ft tall and 80ft wide. It is massiveContinue reading “Grays Arch Trail #205”


Gorge Geology!! The Gorge is an amazing place and there are so many cool things around every corner! We happened upon these HUGE “huecos” while out hiking along the Rough Trail one day. The path to these is unofficial/unmarked, branching off of the Rough Trail right before some scrambling up some boulders to connect upContinue reading “Huecos”

Tarr Ridge “Extravaganza” Trail

Tarr Ridge “Extravaganza” Trail – This has become one of my favorite trails in the Gorge! Especially when hiking during the Fall. First things first – this is an Unofficial/Unmarked trail, so there will not be tree blazes to mark your way. The trail itself is pretty obvious from use, but can get overgrown inContinue reading “Tarr Ridge “Extravaganza” Trail”

Veranda Trail

The Veranda Trail is an unofficial/unmarked trail in the Red River Gorge, but utilizes official trails to get to the trailhead! The most direct route to the beginning of this trail would be to take Pinch-em-Tight trail to Rush Ridge Trail, and then a right onto Rough Trail where you will hike about 230 feetContinue reading “Veranda Trail”

Tower Rock Trail (#229)

Tower Rock Trail (#229): This trail is part of the official Red River Gorge trail system. In my opinion, this is one of the more underrated trails of the Gorge! I LOVED this trail from the first time we hiked it! The trailhead is located along Route 715 between the Gladie Visitor Center and theContinue reading “Tower Rock Trail (#229)”

Cliff Trail (#206)

Cliff Trail (#206) is one of the few trails that begin at Koomer Ridge Campground in the Red River Gorge! I highly recommend camping at this campground at some point if you haven’t already, but you can hike this trail regardless if you are staying at the campground or not! There is a parking lotContinue reading “Cliff Trail (#206)”

Double Arch Trail #201

Double Arch Trail: This trail starts from the Auxier Ridge parking lot and continues back the “foot-travel-only” portion of Tunnel Ridge Road until *basically* the end, where you will see the trailhead sign to the right! This is an official trail of the Gorge, and it immediately dips you into the lush forest surrounded byContinue reading “Double Arch Trail #201”