Arches?? Windows??? Portals???? Orifices?????????

So, we are feeling some big CHAOTIC energy and just decided to roll with it and record an episode (and when I say “we”, I mean mostly Rachel). Welcome to Tread the Red Podcast where we debate holes…sandstone holes. Or are they holes? Do the holes have a specific name??? We honestly don’t know anything anymore.

Between all the chaos, here are some things of note in this episode:
* Our first time setting up this season at the RRG Farmers Market (sooooo many cool vendors and wonderful things coming of this! Please visit if you haven’t – every Saturday from 10-2 at the Slade Welcome Center) 😉
* The Hive at High Rock – we revisited and saw Josh’s new glamping set-up and let us tell you – it is a fantasy world!!!
* Angels Windows Trail, but mostly just talking about holes.

Anyway, we hope you all keep listening (sorry not sorry for this episode) and we hope you have got to do some cool hikes recently and have plans for more! 😀

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Thank you for listening!!

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