Angel Windows Trail #218

Angel Windows Trail: This one is short and sweet! It honestly took me awhile to try this one out, because I *assumed* it wouldn’t be that cool because it is a shorter trail, but WOW, was I wrong. I guess I should have known better…pretty much everything at the Gorge is awesome.
This trailhead is at a pull-off parking lot area along Route 715 between Chimney Top Rock Road and Sky Bridge Road. The trail is only about 0.26 miles out to the “windows”, making this trail only a little over half a mile round trip! There is a super cool “hole” in the rock wall along the way to the windows that is really fun to climb up into! A perfect photo opportunity (Pippin got so annoyed with me on this hike – hahaha). The actual windows are super neat too!! The one looks like a horse head, am I right?!
I would say this is a perfect trail to hike with small kids! There are some drop offs back behind the windows, so just be aware if you do have kids or dogs with you!

Angel Windows Trail #218

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