Cliff Trail (#206)

Cliff Trail (#206) is one of the few trails that begin at Koomer Ridge Campground in the Red River Gorge! I highly recommend camping at this campground at some point if you haven’t already, but you can hike this trail regardless if you are staying at the campground or not! There is a parking lot to the left when you enter the campground that is specifically for backpackers and day hikers! No fee required unless you plan to be out overnight.
This is a short 0.5 mile loop trail that begins from campground loop 1 and ends at campground loop 2. In the video below we hiked it from loop 2 to loop 1. You choose what you do!
I definitely recommend trying this trail out if you are staying at the campground or if you are already in the area for some of the other hikes (Silvermine Arch & Hidden Arch, to name a few)!

Cliff Trail #206 (Koomer Ridge Campground trail)

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