First Time at the Gorge?

I originally made this video as a response to someone on TikTok who asked for hike recommendations as a first time visitor to the RRG, but I wanted to share on the Tread the Red website as well! I know how daunting planning a trip in a new area can be, and with SO MANYContinue reading “First Time at the Gorge?”

Cliff Trail (#206)

Cliff Trail (#206) is one of the few trails that begin at Koomer Ridge Campground in the Red River Gorge! I highly recommend camping at this campground at some point if you haven’t already, but you can hike this trail regardless if you are staying at the campground or not! There is a parking lotContinue reading “Cliff Trail (#206)”

Angel Windows Trail #218

Angel Windows Trail: This one is short and sweet! It honestly took me awhile to try this one out, because I *assumed* it wouldn’t be that cool because it is a shorter trail, but WOW, was I wrong. I guess I should have known better…pretty much everything at the Gorge is awesome. This trailhead isContinue reading “Angel Windows Trail #218”

Powdermill Branch (#238) to Blackburn Rock Overlook (unofficial)

Powdermill Branch Trail to Blackburn Rock Overlook: Okay, so Powdermill Branch Trail is actually an official trail! It is outside the Red River Gorge Geological Area, so less people hike it. It is the only trail in the Red River Gorge that is open to mountain bikes and horses, along with hikers! There are usuallyContinue reading “Powdermill Branch (#238) to Blackburn Rock Overlook (unofficial)”

Auxier Ridge Trail #204

Auxier Ridge Trail: This might be the most popular official trail in the Red, and truly deserves that title! If you are looking for a moderate hike that will give you some of the best views of the Gorge, look no further! Here is the map location of the trailhead. I love this one becauseContinue reading “Auxier Ridge Trail #204”