Spice and Tidbits

Welcome to another Darren & Rachel – Gorge Time – Adventure Time – Fun Time episode! I cannot remember why the episode is named the way it is, but I’m sure you’ll figure it out at some point while listening. Also, this is actually part one of a two-parter! GASP. We talked too much and didn’t get through the whole trail and all the *stories* from that day. Guess y’all will just need to keep an eye out for part two! We won’t make you wait too long. 😀
Anyway, we cover the BEGINNING of a balloon loop trail featuring Rough Trail/Grays Arch Trail/Classic Crag Overlook Trail/Daniel Boone Hut Trail. The noteworthy feature along the part of the hike described in this episode is a huge “hueco” we found of the official trail!
Huecos are “hollows” in the sandstone cliff face that are made when siderite concretions within the sandstone get dissolved with water and leave behind spaces that are eventually weathered out into holes! The bigger holes are called “huecos”! Pretty NEAT.

Trails covered in this episode:
*The portion of Rough Trail from Martins Fork parking area up to where it connects with Grays Arch Trail

Features of Interest:
*Huge Hueco

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