Tarr Ridge “Extravaganza” Trail

Tarr Ridge “Extravaganza” Trail – This has become one of my favorite trails in the Gorge! Especially when hiking during the Fall. First things first – this is an Unofficial/Unmarked trail, so there will not be tree blazes to mark your way. The trail itself is pretty obvious from use, but can get overgrown in the warmer months. If you are not familiar with the Gorge area, or are new to hiking, I would not recommend an unmarked trail!
Okay, now to get into it. This trail features 3 prominent (and AMAZING) overlooks. If you hike this trail in combination with Tarr Ridge East Trail, you can make that 4 amazing overlooks. 😉
Overall, this trail is about 4 miles TOTAL out-and-back. If you add in Tarr Ridge East, it is a little over 4 miles. The majority of this trail is “easy” because it is relatively flat, BUT the last 2 overlooks require rock scrambles, with the last one being the biggest challenge. There are sometimes ropes at these scrambles, but don’t count on it. There was only rope the first time I ever hiked this trail a few years ago, and there hasn’t been any since. There are ways to get up to the 2nd to last overlook without rope if you are careful, but the very last overlook requires a taller and steeper scramble with a drop-off on the side, so there is no room for error (I would not attempt this one without rope).
As always, know your limits while out there exploring, and be safe! Know that whatever you climb up, you will have to climb back down (and down is usually harder). Also, please Leave No Trace while you’re out there exploring the beauty of the Gorge! We have unfortunately found abandoned campfires that are still burning, and a few campsite areas littered with beer cans and trash along this trail. Don’t be those people!! If you find a burning campfire that has been abandoned, please put it out.
You can view the video below for general trail guidance and to give you an idea of “what to expect” while you’re out there. The clips in the video are from all different seasons!

Tarr Ridge “Extravaganza” Trail

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