Tarr Ridge “Extravaganza” Trail

Tarr Ridge “Extravaganza” Trail – This has become one of my favorite trails in the Gorge! Especially when hiking during the Fall. First things first – this is an Unofficial/Unmarked trail, so there will not be tree blazes to mark your way. The trail itself is pretty obvious from use, but can get overgrown inContinue reading “Tarr Ridge “Extravaganza” Trail”

Angel Windows Trail #218

Angel Windows Trail: This one is short and sweet! It honestly took me awhile to try this one out, because I *assumed* it wouldn’t be that cool because it is a shorter trail, but WOW, was I wrong. I guess I should have known better…pretty much everything at the Gorge is awesome. This trailhead isContinue reading “Angel Windows Trail #218”

Indian Staircase Trail

This one requires THREE different videos, y’all. It is a doozy, but one of the most magnificent trails in the Red! This one requires EXPOSED rock scrambling. There is nothing to correct a fall on the “staircase” portion of this trail. I’m not trying to scare anyone off from hiking this, but I also wantContinue reading “Indian Staircase Trail”

Sky Bridge Trail #214

Sky Bridge Trail: This is a must-do hike – especially if you’re a new visitor to the Gorge. This is part of the official Red River Gorge trail system and features an iconic sandstone arch. This is a short loop trail – about 0.68 miles total. You can park at the Sky Bridge parking area,Continue reading “Sky Bridge Trail #214”

Hanson’s Point Trail

Hanson’s Point Trail: I promise you, you’re gonna wanna hike this one! One of the most outstanding overlooks of the Gorge! This is an unofficial “unmarked” trail, but it has gained a lot of popularity, so the trail is not hard to follow. The only places that could be a little troublesome are the pointsContinue reading “Hanson’s Point Trail”