Hanson’s Point Trail

Hanson’s Point Trail: I promise you, you’re gonna wanna hike this one! One of the most outstanding overlooks of the Gorge! This is an unofficial “unmarked” trail, but it has gained a lot of popularity, so the trail is not hard to follow. The only places that could be a little troublesome are the points where you have to traverse through big open campsite areas along the ridge. Hopefully this video will help!
Anyway, put this one on your list. The views from Hanson’s Point are incredible. You gain new perspectives on other well known Gorge landmarks such as Chimney Top Rock, Cloud Splitter, and Half Moon.
The trailhead for this one is located along a section of Rough Trail very close to where the Rough Trail intersects the Pinch-em-Tight trail. The Hanson’s Point Trail itself is only 0.93 miles out, but adding in the hiking to reach the trailhead, it is a little over 2.63 miles one way. You can park at the Pinch-em-Tight parking lot on Tunnel Ridge Road to hike this trail. This trail is not difficult because there aren’t any “big climb” sections. There are severe drop offs on the overlook, so just please be aware of that and be careful while you’re out there! I use a leash with a locking mechanism for my dog when I hike with him in the Gorge. 🙂

Check out the videos below for trail information and views from Hanson’s Point!

Hanson’s Point Trail
Hanson’s Point! This overlook is awesome!

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