Henson’s Arch Trail

Henson’s Arch Trail: This one is actually part of the Natural Bridge State Park trail system. While most trails within this state park are NOT dog friendly, Henson’s Arch Trail is one of the two that are! We love a good dog friendly trail. 🙂
You aren’t going to want to miss out on this one! The point of interest – Henson’s Arch – is really more like an arch/cave/waterfall all-in-one! The trailhead is located in Whittleton Campground on the tent-only side. You will not be able to park in the campground (unless you’re camping at the campground, which I recommend!), but there is a parking lot across the street that you can use.
This trail is about 0.31 miles out to the arch and is an out-and-back (so 0.62 miles round trip). Look for the wooden footbridge at the trailhead, and then after crossing, immediately start gaining elevation. I would call this a relatively easy trail, but you will want to watch your footing if hiking in snowy/icy weather like we are in this video, or even just in wet conditions.
Fun Fact – Henson’s Arch is one of the Gorge’s limestone arches! I can usually tell the limestone arches from the sandstone ones because the limestone ones have more of a “chunky” appearance (in my opinion).

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Henson’s Arch Trail

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