Who Even Names These Anyway? Waterfalls of the Red Pt.1

Hi and welcome to Tread the Red! We are back this week with something slightly different – we are doing a series of episodes focusing solely on waterfalls of the Red! Are y’all ready? 😉
Here are the waterfalls you can expect to hear about in this week’s episode:
* Lower & Upper Bell Falls
* Creation Falls (of Rock Bridge Trail)
* Okay…so this one is a waterfall of MANY names…you might know it as: Pooch Turtle Falls/Pooch’s Turtle Falls/Turtleback Falls/Turtle Falls – can be seen from above on the Swift Camp Creek Trail (very close to the intersection with Turtle Back Arch Trail).
* Henson’s Arch waterfall
* Whittleton Arch waterfall
* Upper Whittleton Falls (of Whittleton Branch Trail)

Whew! That’s a lot! If you liked this episode, keep an eye…ear?? out next week for the second installment of this series!
P.s. Waterfall season is NOW (winter/spring), so go chase some!

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