If Ya Like to Get Your Feet Wet ;) Waterfalls of the Red Pt.2

Hello and welcome to Part 2 of our Waterfalls of the Red mini-series! We are back with some more waterfalls for y’all! Here’s a look at the ones we talk about in this episode:
* Copperas Falls
* Hopewell Arch waterfall (yes, I know this isn’t really a WATERFALL, but it is also really pretty when water drains through the crescent moon opening in this arch so shhhh)
*Big Trickle Falls (or Rainbow Falls if you’re me)
* Eagle Point Buttress Falls

Also, some “Red” Alerts!:
* The Gladie Visitor Center will be reopening in late March! The weekend of April 1-3 will be filled with fun re-opening activities/events, so you should definitely mark your calendars! There are also a couple of job positions available (apply online at gofindoutdoors.org !) And if you have any further questions about employment, interest in volunteering, or if you are a local that wants to be involved with educational events, email Gladie@gofindoutdoors.org ! Also, go follow the site manager of the Gladie Visitor Center on Instagram at @adventures.with.britt !

*Applications for this year’s Red River Gorge Farmers Market are NOW OPEN! Apply at rrgfm.com

*MOSS MADNESS!! It’s happening!!! Email me your mossy submissions no later than the end of this month (February 28th)!!! Also, know that these submissions can be both serious nice moss shots OR goofy weirdo shots of you posing with a nice bed of moss. I’ve only got a couple goofy submissions so far, so I’m hoping to get a couple more. Get out there this week/weekend and snag some good ones! Email them to treadtheredpodcast@gmail.com.

Hope everyone is doing well and happy hiking!

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