Horseshoe Falls

Horseshoe Falls is located within Muir Valley. Muir Valley is a nonprofit nature preserve and rock climbing park located in the Red River Gorge area and is about 360 acres with over 400 climbs (both trad and sport) and several hiking trails with waterfalls, caves, and mountain streams. The trail to Horseshoe Falls is aboutContinue reading “Horseshoe Falls”

Rock Bridge Trail #207

Rock Bridge Trail (#207): WOW! This trail is one of the most popular loop hikes of the Red River Gorge and for GOOD REASON! Park at the parking lot at the end of the gravel Rock Bridge Road and hike this ~1.5 mile loop to see Creation Falls – a beautiful picturesque waterfall – andContinue reading “Rock Bridge Trail #207”

If Ya Like to Get Your Feet Wet ;) Waterfalls of the Red Pt.2

Copperas Falls Trail

Copperas Falls Trail: This was one of the very first unmarked waterfall trails I did at the Gorge! Even though this trail is unofficial/unmarked, the waterfall at the end is a very popular destination, so the trail is hiked a lot. This has unfortunately led to the creation of a lot of “zoo” trails inContinue reading “Copperas Falls Trail”