Copperas Falls Trail

Copperas Falls Trail: This was one of the very first unmarked waterfall trails I did at the Gorge! Even though this trail is unofficial/unmarked, the waterfall at the end is a very popular destination, so the trail is hiked a lot. This has unfortunately led to the creation of a lot of “zoo” trails in the most recent years (a lot of trails made by hikers thinking they were going the right direction, but actually don’t lead anywhere, or use the harder route and trample surrounding areas). Even though this is a problem, the trail itself is still SO GORGEOUS. It is a pleasant change up from the ridge-line hikes of the Gorge and gives you a whole different “jungle-like” perspective. The trail mostly follows Copperas Creek the whole way (so if you stick by the creek for the most part, you’ll be on track). Just expect a lot of creek crossings – so dress appropriately! This trail is also relatively flat and not too long either (~3.52 miles round trip). Copperas Falls is a beautiful waterfall area and the pool at the bottom can sometimes be a turquoise blue…it is usually a clearer blue in the colder months. đŸ™‚ This is definitely a trail that I would recommend to everyone, and there are also several unmarked arches in the surrounding area as well!

Copperas Falls Trail

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