Arch of Triumph

Arch of Triumph: I wouldn’t necessarily call this one a TRAIL, but it’s a super short detour from the walking portion of Tunnel Ridge Road to a unique arch! For anyone who listens to the Tread the Red Podcast, the campsite closest to this arch is where the Poop Log incident happened…you gotta listen to know…haha! Anyway, you don’t have to walk far along the foot-traffic only portion of Tunnel Ridge Road before the right turn off to this arch. By following the trail, you’ll quickly pass through a large campsite area and then continue on the trail until you reach a smaller campsite area. The arch is super close to this if you follow the faint trail past this campsite. You’ll end up on top of it, and then you can easily climb down to the left to get views of the underside! Just be careful if you have dogs or kids with you, because (like a lot of places in the Gorge), there are some drop offs to the right hand side of this arch!

Arch of Triumph

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