Chimney Top Trail #235

Chimney Top Trail (#235): If you are looking for a short, accessible/easy trail for a stellar overlook in the Gorge – look no further!! I love to take the short hike out to the overlook for sunset, as the sun sets perfectly behind the rolling hills in the distance. The trailhead for this one is located at the very end of Chimney Top Road (a 5 mile gravel road off of Route 715). The trail itself is only 0.25 miles out (0.5 miles round trip) and packs in so many amazing views! You can view Half Moon to the left as you walk out, and then from the overlook you can see that and other points of interest such as Hanson’s Point, Pinch-em-Tight Gap, and Cloud Splitter! Definitely do not miss the opportunity to add this to your trip to the Gorge.

Chimney Top Trail (#235)

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