Princess Arch Trail #233

Princess Arch Trail (#233) is part of the Official trail system of the Red River Gorge. This trailhead is located at the end of Chimney Top Road on the opposite side of the parking lot from Chimney Top Overlook Trail (#235). It is a short & sweet trail (0.25 miles “balloon” loop) featuring Princess Arch. When you arrive at the fork in the trail, you can choose to go either right or left (this is a loop, so you will end at the same fork!) – right will take you over the top of the arch first, while left will take you under. I prefer to go over and then under, because the underside is the coolest part (in my opinion). This is a good trail for kids, but there ARE drop-offs, so you will want to be aware of this. While you are in the vicinity, I would recommend also taking the short trek out to Chimney Top Overlook, because the views there are truly spectacular! You can get some awesome Gorge experiences right there in a short expanse of time/mileage if that’s your jam or if you wanna start/end the day with a bang. This is definitely a good trail for people who have never been to the RRG before.

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