I’m A Ghoul, I’m Not Cruel

This episode features a special guest – Darren’s brother, Dustin! Darren was hopeful that Dustin would be just as bad at remembering things as he is, but no such luck. Sorry, Darren. šŸ˜›

Anyway, if you listen to this episode, you will find out that Dustin went to the Gorge for the FIRST TIME EVER, which also happened to be his first ever hiking experience! What better way to be introduced to it than with the RRG?!

We visited on a *very* busy October weekend (peak Fall leaves season) and this is a rundown on what we explored:
*Tried to start with Auxier Ridge Trail – this is a trail I recommend to anyone visiting the Gorge for the first time! But, Tunnel Ridge Road was at max capacity and the Forest Service had it shut down. So, onto Plan B!
*We took a drive through the Nada Tunnel (pronounced, NAY-da) – this is also known as “The Gateway to the Gorge”, and rightly so!
*We stopped and took a quick hike out to the Sheltowee Trace Suspension Bridge across the Red River and proceeded down to Jump Rock!
*We drove along Route 715 and pulled off next to Bell Falls! We explored both Lower and Upper Bell Falls (and the area around Upper Bell Falls).
*We stopped on Sky Bridge Rd and visited Castle Arch Overlook and Buzzards Roost South (and had a run-in with a Carolina Wolf Spider)!
*Dustin was feelin’ fries, so we had to hit up Red River Rockhouse for dinner! We then stopped by Daniel Boone Coffee Shop to try their new “Dragon Punch” cocktail (super pretty color and tasty!)
*We did the Haunted Gorge Underground Kayak Tour! The Gorge Underground is an abandoned mine where you can rent kayaks to kayak underground! Every year they put on a “haunted” tour where there are “ghouls” and other frightening props and sounds to give you a truly sPOOooOky kayak tour!
*The next day we started with Rock Bridge Trail, where we saw Creation Falls and Rock Bridge!
*We then went back to Sky Bridge Rd and completed Sky Bridge Trail!
*We drove over to Chimney Top Road and hiked Chimney Top Overlook Trail and Princess Arch Trail (+Princess Arch Overlook bonus side trail!)
*We stopped at Sky Bridge Station for lunch (a great spot if you are already in the Chimney Top/Rock Bridge area of the Gorge)
*We then wrapped up our trip by taking the Sky Lift up to Natural Bridge (a great option if you are looking for a new experience, or if you are hiking with someone who may have difficulty making it to the top of the arch from the trails)!

Overall, I think we did a pretty good job of giving Dustin a “first time” Gorge experience.
Until next time!

You can follow Tread the Red on Instagram and TikTok @tread_the_red and check out the website at TreadTheRed.com where you can find more hiking information! I forgot to mention it in the episode, but we (Rachel and Darren) will also be set up at the Flea Off Market at the Germantown Gables (986 Swan Street, Louisville, KY 40204) on Friday 11/25 in Louisville!! Come by and say hi if you are in the area. šŸ˜€

2 thoughts on “I’m A Ghoul, I’m Not Cruel

  1. Hello. Really enjoyed the article. There is one sentence that could be confusing to people; “The Red River Gorge is an abandoned mine where you can rent kayaks to kayak underground!” Should it have said, “….Gorge Underground…..” instead of Red River Gorge?


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