Unexplained & Mysterious Encounters in the RRG: Part 2

Who’s ready for part 2 of CREEPY STUFF in the Gorge?! Well, it’s here – just in time for Halloween weekend!! Rachel’s computer was so full on space that she almost lost the episode after recording too – BUT THANKFULLY DID NOT.

Anyway, what you can look forward to in this episode:
*Some creepy W-word thing on the Original Trail in Natural Bridge State Park (did you like hiking this for sunset and hiking back down in the dark? Me too, but I don’t think I’m gonna for awhile now – lol)
*Daniel Boone Hut Trail. NEED I SAY MORE?
*Another random bigfoot encounter – question mark – ?
*A bonus true crime-y creepy thing in Daniel Boone National Forest

WOOF. Things are for sure messed up.


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