Lower & Upper Bell Falls

Lower and Upper Bell Falls: Lower Bell Falls can be seen directly off of Route 715 in the Gorge! There is paved pull-off parking spot right in front of the falls that would fit 2-3 cars. These falls are located close to the Tower Rock trailhead – they are between the Gladie Visitor Center and that trailhead, so if you have passed the visitor center and then also pass that trailhead, you’ve gone too far! If you are driving in this direction, they are situated on your left with the Red River to your right. Here is a map of the location! To see Upper Bell Falls, you will have to take the steep (and probably slick) incline up to the top of the Lower Bell Falls. It is definitely a cool vantage point, but watch your footing! There is apparently a short ~0.25 mile “loop” trail around this area above the lower falls, but I haven’t hiked that yet! I will post a video when I complete it. 🙂

Lower and Upper Bell Falls

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