Castle Arch Overlook Trail

Castle Arch Overlook Trail is one of the Unofficial/Unmarked Trails of the RRG. This is a short & sweet trail that leads out to a pretty cool overlook! From the overlook, you will see Swift Camp Creek winding below and Castle Arch nestled into the neighboring ridge line.
***I accidentally titled this one “Camera Point Overlook” in my trail video…oops. If you wanna check out the ACTUAL Camera Point trail (also in this area!), look here!
The trail starts next to a large pull-off on the side of Sky Bridge Rd. It is only about 0.14 miles out to the overlook (so just a little over a quarter mile total!) Because of its location, this is a great one to add onto your hiking plans if you are already in the Sky Bridge area. This would be a pretty awesome spot for sunrise (and an easy and short hike to make sure you don’t miss it). If you’re more of a sunset person, check out my other trail video on Buzzards Roost South Trail!
Other things to note: It is a day-use only area. That means it is only open 6AM-10PM and there is no camping allowed.

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