Camera Point Trail

Camera Point Trail: This is an official trail, but I honestly didn’t even know it existed until one of my best friends got married there in 2021! To hike this trail, park at the Sky Bridge parking lot and then cut over to the paved road that runs parallel to the parking area (kind of behind the restroom building). If you walk to the end of this section of the paved road, you will find the trailhead for Camera Point Overlook!
The sign says this trail is 0.25 miles, but I have a suspicion that it is even shorter than that! There is a paved accessible overlook within the first 200 feet of the trail, and then to continue down to Camera Point, you’ll need to skip down a couple stairs and continue out a (kind of?) asphalt path to the end! This is a gorgeous overlook! I can’t say for sure because I haven’t been there for it yet, but I would wager that this is a nice place for sunrise. You can see Sky Bridge over to the left and then Castle Arch across the valley to the right. Swift Camp Creek runs below you out to the Red River.
I do want to point out that since this is a beautiful area with a paved accessible path that there are wedding ceremonies that are held here – if you happen to visit when something special is taking place, please turn around and come back to visit later! 😉

The proximity of this trail to Sky Bridge (and a couple other unofficial trails in the area), will make this a sweet little addition to your trails for the day!

Camera Point Trail

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