Serenaded by the Frog Chorus (& a Safety PSA!)

Hi and welcome to Tread the Red!! This week’s episode covers some more serious topics – AKA a creep that is stalking women in the Gorge. I know…it is scary and terrible, and unfortunately, Rachel had a direct experience with him. BUT, we are sharing her story (and other’s stories!) to get the word out in the hopes that it will create a space where more people will be aware of the issue and therefore, be more prepared when heading out for a day of hiking or camping! Head over to Rachel’s Instagram or Tiktok @tread_the_red or her Twitter @TreadTheRed, to see a picture of the stalker’s vehicle & more information. We want everyone aware and to stay safe!!
On a lighter note, we talk about a failed car-camping experience (oops) and some awesome trails! And obviously, Pippin.

Also! The RRG Farmers Market returns this weekend, May 7th from 10AM-2PM! We hope everyone will come out and check it out, because there are going to be a lot of awesome vendors there!

Trails featured in this episode:
* Camera Point Trail
* Douglas Trail
* Tunnel Ridge Road “N”

Thanks for listening! Stay safe, stay weird, and happy hiking!!

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