Swamp Time Water Balloon Feet

Hi and welcome to Tread the Red Podcast! Where we talk about people, places, and things of the Gorge. 😉
During this episode we talk about the opening day of the RRG Farmers Market for this season and the balloon loop hike we also completed that day. Specifically, we hiked Koomer Ridge Trail > Buck Trail > Pinch-em-Tight Trail > Rough Trail and then back to Koomer Ridge Trail! Rachel has hiked parts of all these trails before except for Buck Trail – this was a first time for that one! Also, this loop trail is a great challenge for anyone who is wanting surreal creek adventures and a longer trail to hike! It tops out right at about 8 miles and definitely has a lot of climbing involved! (Not CLIMBING climbing, but hiking climbing…you know). It also utilizes all marked official trails of the Red River Gorge!
Spoiler Alert, but you may not want to hike this trail if you don’t have waterproof boots/socks, hiking sandals, or are comfy with stripping off your shoes for several creek crossings! 😉 You’ve been warned!

Catch us next time on Tread the Red Podcast, and in the meantime, you can follow along with our Gorge adventures through Instagram & TikTok @tread_the_red and on Rachel’s website, treadthered.com . Rachel also just released a new line of stickers that are all available on her Etsy under “Stickers”! Check them out & happy hiking! Stay weird and pet some moss for us!!!

Trails in this episode:
*Koomer Ridge/Buck Trail/Pinch-em-Tight/Rough Trail Balloon Loop

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