Just A Lot of the F Word (And I Don’t Mean Forest)

Welcome to Tread the Red! This week we go into some recent Gorge adventures (and misadventures…). A casual PSA: Natural Bridge Campgrounds (Whittleton and Middle Fork) operate under a reservation service, not a first-come-first-serve like Koomer Ridge Campground in the Gorge. Please be aware when planning your trips! 🙂
Trails featured in this episode:
* Sky Bridge Trail
* Rock Bridge Trail

We also talk about our experience with a professional photographer of the Gorge Region, Lila! You can find her website here and follow her on Instagram @lila_calliephotography ! We had an amazing time doing a sunrise hike and overlook photos with her and would highly recommend you contact her for your photography needs!

ALSO: This episode includes a little “extra” feature on our first experience hiking throughout Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio (GASP..I know, not the Gorge, but we thought some of y’all would like to hear about it!)

Also, can’t remember if we mention it on this episode, but Rachel and Darren will be set up at Hops in the RRG on Friday June 3rd from 7-8PM to chat all about trails and the Gorge with whoever decides to stop by! Rachel and Darren will also be set up at the RRG Farmers Market on Saturday June 4th from 10AM-2PM, so make sure to come by and say hi! All of Rachel’s artwork will be on sale along with Tread the Red merchandise. 🙂

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