Sky Bridge Trail #214

Sky Bridge Trail: This is a must-do hike – especially if you’re a new visitor to the Gorge. This is part of the official Red River Gorge trail system and features an iconic sandstone arch. This is a short loop trail – about 0.68 miles total. You can park at the Sky Bridge parking area, where the trailhead is located. I usually hike this one clockwise (like I do in this video), but you can chose to hike it counterclockwise if you want! Either way, you’re gonna be gaining/losing the same amount of elevation, but I think you have to climb more stairs (going up) if you hike it clockwise.
This one is gorgeous on top of the arch – it is definitely not super wide, so just watch the kids and the dogs if you’re hiking with them! Even though hiking across the top of the arch is a great experience, my personal opinion is that the real treat is underneath the arch! I will always recommend this hike as a sunset hike because the way the sun rays cast that nice “golden hour” light underneath the arch is just something truly magical. Some *Gorge magic*, for sure. 😉
There is also an iconic smaller arch under the main arch that provides the perfect “window” for pictures!

Sky Bridge Trail #214

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