Butt Wedge Arch

Hi and welcome to Tread the Red Podcast where we talk about butt wedge rock scrambles on unofficial trails of the Red! 😀

In this episode, Rachel & Darren chat with Rachel’s mom, Denise, about a handful of hikes throughout the RRG.
There are what Rachel calls “rock scrambles”, copperhead run-ins, some trail *magic*, and unmarked trail adventures!

Hikes featured in this episode:
*Indian Staircase Bypass Trail/Indian Staircase loop/Adena Arch Trail
*Eagle Point Buttress Trail
*Daniel Boone Hut > Rough Trail > Grays Arch Trail
*Sky Bridge Trail
*Buzzards Roost South Trail
*Half Moon Arch

Thanks for listening! You can keep up with Tread the Red on Instagram & TikTok @tread_the_red or check out the website at TreadTheRed.com !

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