Thank You For Being a Friend

Hi and welcome back to another episode of Tread the Red! Rachel has finally got her storage issues under control (not really) and we were able to record a new episode for y’all! It is a classic Rachel & Darren Gorge-Adventure-Time-Fun-Time.

In this episode we cover:
*Echo Cove – A cool random rock shelter right off the Sheltowee Trace. We don’t know if it has an official name, so this is what we’re calling it because the sounds were pretty neat there (also some good moss).
*Cave Creek overnight stay – we finally stayed overnight at Cave Creek in the RRG! This is a property of glamping cabins – you can rent one or all three! It was conveniently located to the Gorge proper and we had a great stay.
*Auxier Ridge Courthouse Rock Loop Trail – I know we’ve covered Auxier Ridge multiple times on the podcast, but like…it is an amazing trail (and you should totally do it if you haven’t yet! How many times are we going to have to tell you to hike this one…Haha!) BUT – adding a little VaRiETYyy – we hiked the Courthouse Rock Trail to make this entire hike a balloon loop (measuring out at about 5.7 miles). Definitely a good one to check out – especially in the winter, because the surrounding rock formations were really neat and surreal!

Things happening!!!:
*Tread the Red GIVEAWAY that is being hosted on Instagram! If you aren’t following, you can @tread_the_red and enter the giveaway! There will be 3 winners total and some neat stuff for each one 😀
*Skybridge Station/QA Trivia Ugly Christmas Sweater Party and Trivia Night Tuesday Dec.13th at 7 PM! Rachel and Darren are planning to be there, so come say hey and be on a team with us or compete against us….

Anywayyyyy – hope everyone is staying sane during the holidays and making sure to take time for yourself and go take a hike! Winter hiking is some of the best!

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