Buzzards Roost South Trail

Buzzards Roost South Trail: This is one of my absolute favorite unofficial trails of the Gorge. It is short (only 0.23 miles out/0.46 miles round trip), but it has some of the best views (especially for sunset!) and features some rock scrambling! The trailhead starts from the Sky Bridge picnic area. This is definitely not the trail for everyone because of the rock scrambling portion and the dangers associated with the final lookout point. As always, assess the situation and know your limits so that you can stay safe while hiking in the Gorge! The area has changed since the wildfires a few years ago (the previous rhodo tunnel no longer exists), and since this trailhead is located in the Sky Bridge area, it is closed between 10PM and 6AM, so no overnight camping. Remember to leave no trace and have fun!

Buzzards Roost South Trail

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