XoXo, Gorge Girl

Trail talk + a dash of ranting 😉

In this episode, we recount some hikes we did back in July (where has the time gone?! But also, who else is sooooo ready for Fall???) In this episode we take a sunset hike to Sky Bridge and listen to the whippoorwills, experience the rarity of having Auxier Ridge all to ourselves for an hour, watch Pippin get creek zoomies behind Hops, and hike to Whittleton Arch (also all to ourselves!) and Whistling Arch. Things to remember: Watch out for trail runners when taking a pee on hikes, #LeaveNoTrace so you do not get abducted by aliens, and let yourself enjoy what you enjoy while out on the trails!!

Trails featured in this episode:
*Sky Bridge Trail
*Auxier Ridge Trail
*Whittleton Branch/Arch Trails
*Whistling Arch Trail

Also some neat things happening at the Gorge this weekend (8/19-8/21):
*RRG Farmers Market – located at the Slade Welcome Center on Saturday from 10AM-2PM
*Natural Bridge Artisan Festival – located at Natural Bridge Campground (behind the Slade Welcome Center). Friday, Aug.19 12-6PM, Saturday, Aug.20 10-6PM, Sunday, Aug.21 10-6PM. While Tread the Red will not be set up at either of these events, we will be there on Saturday checking things out (the whole gang – Rachel, Darren, AND PIPPIN!) Come say hi if you spot us! 🙂

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