Twerk the Red

First off, #sorrynotsorry for the title of this episode.

Now, welcome to Tread the Red! Thanks for being here. 😀
Lets talk about some trails and experiences! Darren, Rachel, and Pippin took a camping and hiking trip to the Gorge – this included a sunset/night hike with friends to Star Gap Arch (their first time!), relearning that trails look different at night – even if they are trails you are super familiar with (AKA #LeaveNoTrace principle – Plan Ahead and Be Prepared!), where there are tiny toads doing night things there are also hunting danger noodles, and sometimes you come out of a hike with 100 burs with no idea how you got them and that’s how you spend the rest of your night (…PIPPIN….)
Pippin was also very suspicious about our campground neighbors (no idea why, but it made sleeping a bit hard), Darren found a INTERESTING necklace at Koomer Ridge, and reaffirmations that Tower Rock is a BEAUTIFUL trail that y’all need to do ASAP if you haven’t! Or, go back and do it again…because it is a cool place. Also, even though the weather is determined to stay 90 degrees, the beginnings of Fall are blowing in, and it is IGNITING THE SOUL. Can we all agree to mutually manifest a loooooong Fall season this year? K, thanks.

Trails covered in this episode:
*Star Gap Arch Trail
*Tower Rock Trail

Places of interest:
*Koomer Ridge Campground

Things happenin’ at the Gorge!:
*RRG Farmers Market – every Saturday from 10AM-2PM through October
*34th Annual Living Archaeology Weekend – September 17 (10AM-5PM) @ the Gladie Visitor Center

Tread the Red Updates:
*New Tread the Red shirts and tanks available on Etsy! *Limited Quantities*
*New Tread the Red Podcast Stickers available on Etsy!
*You can show your support for the podcast by preordering your own “Tread the Red – A Red River Gorge Podcast” shirt at !

Also, Rachel is now working with Red River Gorge United on their social media team! Please show that organization your support if you love the Red River Gorge region!

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