RRG Backpacking Loop – About 14 miles

This backpacking loop features Rough Trail, Koomer Ridge Trail, Buck Trail, Pinch-em-Tight Trail, and D.Boone Hut Trail and makes about a 14 mile loop. Don’t forget to take the side trail to Grays Arch at the end of Section C of the Rough Trail, and I have also included side trails to a huge heuco (right off Rough Trail Section B), Veranda’s Overlook, and Hanson’s Point. Veranda’s Overlook and Hanson’s Point are both unofficial/unmarked trails, but they also provide some awesome backcountry camping spots. Veranda’s Overlook is a great spot for sunrise and Hanson’s Point is a very popular overlook spot in the Gorge (for good reason). The later included sections of the Rough Trail and Buck Trail require creek crossings, so just be prepared for that. The water level is very dependent on weather/season.
I like this loop a lot because there are opportunities to shorten the hike (take Rush Ridge Trail after Section D of the Rough Trail to Pinch-em-Tight and then hike back the D.Boone Hut Trail from there), or even make it longer (maybe add in the Koomer Ridge area trails such as Hidden Arch and Silvermine Arch)!

Always feel free to contact me through the “Contact” tab on my website if you have any further questions and I’ll try my best to help!

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