Happy Time Living & Rough Green Snake Sounds

We’re back with another Tread the Red episode! How are you all? We doin good? It is finally Fall and the leaves are beginning to change in the Gorge and everything is amazing because it is SpOooKY SeASONNN. Hello. We are a hiking podcast. Thank you for being here.

PSA to watch out for danger noodles camouflaging in the fall leaves! We had a near-miss with Pippin this past weekend. Always always always look over downed trees before stepping over them! I caught Pippin as he tried to scale one on Douglas Trail this weekend and as I did, I heard rustling in the leaves on the other side. Sure enough, there was a copperhead staring us down! Everyone was fine (including the snake), but it is just something to keep in mind when hiking.

We talk about a Red River Gorge backpacking loop in this episode! You can check out the map and trail breakdown here:
*Tread the Red 14 mile Backpacking Route

We’ve hiked all sections included in the loop before, just not all at once. It would be an awesome 2 day backpacking route, or a very challenging day hike! Proceed at your own risk 😉

Be sure to check us out on Instagram @tread_the_red and our website at TreadTheRed.com
If you have any sPOoOOKy Gorge stories to share, send them to treadtheredpodcast@gmail.com. We would love to hear them!
You can also keep an eye out for a link to buy Darren’s “Vampires and Campfires” shirts! It will be posted on Instagram and the website.

Thank you so much for listening and we are hoping that you all are having a Happy Time Living (TM).

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