Shadytown Farm, Greenhouse, and Floral Creations – RRG Farmers Market Guest Feature

Hello! We are back with another Red River Gorge Farmers Market Vendor Guest Feature episodes! This time we are chatting with Oneida from Shadytown Farm, Greenhouse, and Floral Creations – she is really doing it all!
We hope everyone enjoys these mini episodes featuring all the hardworking and talented people involved in the RRG Farmers Markets. You can check it out for yourself every Saturday at the Slade Welcome Center (right off the Mountain Parkway Slade Exit 33) from 10-2! It is so much fun and we promise that everyone can find something they love there!

Thanks for listening! Rachel also just added podcast stickers to her Etsy shop so that you can show your support for the podcast! There are also new Tread the Red shirts and tanks available as well. Happy hiking!

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