Bogus Booty

What is your ideal fantasy situation of living in the RRG? Like, if you could live within the forest? For Rachel, it involves something with huge trees with ornate doors carved into the bottom and the inside is filled with moss and ferns and pretty glass bottles with potions and plants…and then a whole treehouse community too, and more?!! Anyway, just THINKING.
Moving on, welcome to Tread the Red Podcast! A podcast all about the Red River Gorge in KY (and some banter, because we know half of y’all are only here for that. HAH)
We’ve got some new trails to cover on this episode! We finally checked out Military Wall & Left Flank trails and they DID. NOT. DISAPPOINT. Lets just say, if you are hiking Rough Trail along the Martin’s Fork area, don’t pass these up! They are super short hikes and lead to some really cool areas! Technically, climbing walls, but like, some super cool stuff to hike around and check out too.
Overall, trails covered in this episode:
* Military Wall Trail
* Left Flank Trail
* Whistling Arch Trail
* Angel Windows Trail
* Sky Bridge Trail

Also, some updates on the RRG area:
* The RRG Farmers Market Vendor Applications are currently OPEN until March 15th! If you are interested in vending, get yours filled out by heading over to their website.
* More RRG Farmers Market news! This year there will be TWO market locations! One on Wednesdays at the Slade Welcome Center from 5-7PM and one on Saturdays at Natural Bridge (the lawn area near the gift shop/skylift parking lot) from 10AM-2PM. Opening day will be Saturday, May 6th, so mark your calendars!

Tread the Red Updates:
* We now have our shop up and running again and you can check it out HERE. Any proceeds made through our products goes towards funding Tread the Red (the podcast, the trail information, etc. etc.!) And we REALLY appreciate everyone who contributes by buying some cool stuff and/or by listening to the podcast and supporting us on social media! Y’all are awesome.

Happy hiking!!

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