Smokey the Bear is a Zaddy

Hi and welcome to the chaotic space of Tread the Red. 😉
This is kind of a unique episode because the first half covers the Red River Gorge (per usual) and THEN we do something SCANDALOUS and cover somewhere else during the second half. Don’t worry, we are still a Red River Gorge Podcast, but we thought some of our listeners might like to hear what hikes we did while visiting North Carolina (+ an extra in KY that isn’t RRG)!
During this episode we cover:
* The Hive – (Your Friendly Neighborhood Cult) + Smirk
* QA Trivia at Skybridge Station
* Some cool spots at The Hive (a rock shelter and nifty arch)
* Rocky Branch Overlook Trails
* Privy Trail

*Black Mountain/Montreat: Lookout Trail
*Gorges State Park/Pisgah National Forest: Rainbow Falls/Turtleback Falls Trail
*DuPont State Recreational Forest: High Falls, Triple Falls, & Hooker Falls + covered bridge Trail

A Kentucky EXTRA (Not RRG):
* Pine Mountain State Resort Park: Chain Rock Trail

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