Rush Ridge Trail (#227)

Rush Ridge Trail: This is an official trail in the RRG and is used as a connector between Pinch-Em-Tight Trail and Rough Trail. To hike this trail, you can park at the Pinch-Em-Tight parking area along Tunnel Ridge Road and hike the Pinch-em-Tight trail to the first fork (about 0.3 miles), where you will take a left onto Rush Ridge Trail. There are plenty of trail signs to guide you at this intersection too!
Rush Ridge Trail itself is only 1 mile, but since it is a connector trail, you can create loops involving this trail to make your hike longer! Either way, I feel like this is an underrated trail of the Red. It is an easy ridge-top trail with some nice views and pretty forest surroundings. There is also a big downed tree that has been there for as long as I’ve been using this trail that has some really cool patterns in the wood! Check it out if you hike this trail.

Rush Ridge Trail #227

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