Sheltowee Trace Trail Suspension Bridge

One of the iconic RRG landmarks is the Sheltowee Trace Suspension Bridge across the Red River! There is a parking lot designated to this “connector trail” right off of Route 715 (it branches off the road downhill and is gravel). I do not drive a 4WD vehicle and have never had issues getting back up this hill after parking (just FYI). There are also marked pull-offs on the side of 715 a little further down the road where the Sheltowee Trace Trail crosses 715 where you can jump directly on the trail and hike the hill down to the bridge, but these would be easy to miss if you aren’t familiar with the area! This is a really cool spot to check out – if you hike to the bridge from the parking lot it is about 0.5 miles (one way) and you will pass by “Jump Rock” (situated on the opposite river bank).

The Sheltowee Trace Trail runs 343 miles from the northern boundary of Daniel Boone National Forest in Rowan County, KY to the southern boundary of Big South Fork NRRA in Scott County, TN. I believe in my video I said 319 miles. If you want to learn more about the Sheltowee Trace Trail, here are a few links:

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