Liz’s Arch

Liz’s Arch is located within Muir Valley. If you are unfamiliar with Muir Valley, I highly recommend checking out my other video/post that gives you the general information about Muir Valley (what it is/location/rules & regulations) and/or check out their website at ! This is a great arch to add onto an outing to Horseshoe Falls! It is just a short detour from the Main Trail South on the way down to the valley. You will want to take a right at the sign for “Land Before Time” and head in that direction. To get from the parking lot to this arch is just half a mile (or slightly less)! This little arch is pretty neat and definitely something you’ll want to check out if you’re in the area.

Things to note during your trip planning to Muir Valley!:
*No dogs allowed in Muir Valley (I know, it sucks to have to plan without your furry friend(s), but don’t be THAT person that thinks they are above the rules) 😛
*There is a $10 parking fee
*Make sure to sign the waiver on their website before visiting!

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