Horseshoe Falls

Horseshoe Falls is located within Muir Valley. Muir Valley is a nonprofit nature preserve and rock climbing park located in the Red River Gorge area and is about 360 acres with over 400 climbs (both trad and sport) and several hiking trails with waterfalls, caves, and mountain streams. The trail to Horseshoe Falls is about 1.8 miles out-and-back with Horseshoe Falls at the terminus. Horseshoe Falls is a two tier waterfall that falls from a rock shelter shaped like a horseshoe bend! It is really neat to stand behind the waterfall under the rock shelter and gain that unique perspective! I would definitely recommend adding a trip to Muir Valley for your RRG explorations – even if you are just a hiker and not a climber! Some things to note about Muir Valley:
*You MUST sign an online waiver on their website before visiting!
*There is a $10/vehicle per day parking fee to access the area!
*No dogs allowed!

You can view my introductory video to Muir Valley here, and you can also view the Muir Valley Legacy Film on their website!

Horseshoe Falls Trail

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