Where’s Waldo in Muir Valley – Waterfalls of the Red Pt.3

Here we are with Waterfalls of the Red Pt.3!! This will be the conclusion of this specific “mini-series” of the podcast. We hope we gave you lots of waterfalls to put on your list to check out sometime soon! In this segment (Pt.3), we discuss waterfalls located on specific properties in the RRG Region – Muir Valley Nature Preserve, the Creekview Property of Stayover Cabins, and Graining Fork Nature Preserve.
* Horseshoe Falls

New items listed in the Tread the Red Etsy shop! Also, 50% of proceeds from items sold throughout the month of March will be donated to RRG United to push objectives that protect the RRG area.

Thank you so much for listening! We appreciate all of you. 😀

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