A Conversation with Dan Shields from RRG United

In this week’s episode of Tread the Red, Rachel and Darren chat with Dan Shields from RRG United. RRG United is a volunteer-based group established out of a perceived need to oppose a proposed development near the Red River Gorge, a proposed development that the members unilaterally agree is out-of-scale with the region and poorly located for the expressed benefit which it claims to be seeking. RRG United consists of local business owners, community leaders, and concerned residents unified against the “top-down” methods by which this development has progressed, and any other development that might overwhelm capacity of local infrastructure, disrupt local economies, and destroy or degrade natural resources in the region.
In this episode we break down the proposed “destination resort” of the Gorge and chat about what this means for the region. You can find this information and much more on RRG United’s website, rrgunited.org.
If you are able to, you can donate to the organization through Paypal, Venmo, or check. Every little bit helps, and they have an established goal on their donation page, as well with a break down of prices! Rachel is also donating 50% of her Etsy sales from the month of March to RRG United. You can find her shop, Tread the Red, on Etsy.
Thank you to everyone who listens! We hope this episode was informative and also provided some clarity on the issue at hand!

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