X-Rated Moss Videos

Hello and welcome back to another episode of Tread the Red podcast where we talk about some neat trails and about luscious moss videos.

In this episode: Trails of the Creekview Property at the Gorge. Darren and I stayed here last December and are just now covering the trails we hiked on the podcast! This includes Angels Falls Trail and Allison’s Trail (both have waterfalls!)
We also talk about how we like to hike the Original Trail up to Natural Bridge for sunset (before Rachel read about creepy cryptids of the area (: oops…)

Also. If you feel so inclined to pet the fluffy moss on trail, please send a video over to Rachel @tread_the_red on Instagram. Please.

We hope everyone is staying safe and doing well and getting some awesome hikes in as we wrap up 2021! If we don’t get to record another podcast before the New Year, then Happy New Year!! Hope to see everyone on the trails January 1st to start 2022 off right. 😉

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