So Many Poops

Welcome to Tread the Red Podcast, where we talk all about the different trail poops we encountered!

Buckle up, because this week we are talking about a handful of short trails along with one of our longer favorite trail experiences and overlook in the Red! Trails that are featured on this episode:
* Tarr Ridge West (kind of. The trail poop here just really stole the show…)
*Castle Arch Overlook Trail
*Camera Point Overlook Trail
AND, for the grand finale:
*Powder Mill Trail to Blackburn Rock Overlook!

This episode was also recorded on Instagram Live, so it might be a tad different than previous episodes. That isn’t something we will continue to do all of the time for recording, but we had fun!

As always, you can find me on Instagram and TikTok @tread_the_red and on Twitter @TreadTheRed. You can also find my website at where I have this podcast linked along with what Tread the Red is all about, Tread the Red “Trail Talk” videos, and my Etsy shop where you can find RRG goods. 😉

Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe and we’ll be back next time – hopefully with less trail poop talk???

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